Sunny Data Control

Sunny Data Control 4.0

Monitors and keeps logs of system performance
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SMA Technologie AG
Keep track of activities, processes and resource usage in your system by scanning it with the monitoring utility. It works in long-term cycles and evaluates the workload and productivity. Visual presentations are generated, multiple tools for parameter configuring are available.

A further advantage: Sunny Data Control can be configured to directly communicate with your inverter and a PC. Thus it is possible to set your system's parameters without a data logger.
Sunny Data Control is the ideal addition for system monitoring with Sunny Boy Control and a PC. The free software archives the data from the data logger long-term on the PC, evaluates and presents it visually on the monitor.

Main features:

- Continuous system monitoring

- Graphic display of all measurement data and operating modes

- "Online display" with color-coded indication of the current performance of each Sunny Boy within your system

- Data export for the presentation of operating data on the Internet e.g., via Sunny Portal.

- Remote monitoring via dial-up into your Sunny Boy Control with Net Piggy Back.

- Direct communication with the inverters (without Sunny Boy Control) via RS485 or USB Service Interface.

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